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Always 100% nut free!

Summer Ruby is our granddaughter/niece.  She was born with a deadly peanut allergy.  She was the first of our family to have such a severe allergy.  This prompted us all to become more knowledgeable about this matter.  We were extremely surprised to find out so many products were either made with some kind of nut or processed in the same plant as nuts.  Every day we are reading labels because even if you purchase the same product a week later, the ingredients may have changed or the facility it was processed in may have changed.  Summer has grown up saying "Did you read that?" and, after inspecting the product, if it was free of nuts we replied with "Yes, this is Summer Safe."

We understand the importance of this matter and vow to keep our products and facility 100% peanut and nut free. Our goal is to provide a dessert that is not only delicious, but safe for those with nut allergies as well.

Tree nut and peanut free delicious, sweet and tasty cupcakes by Moneta Moments
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